Save Data, Spiders and Bullet Time

Hello everyone!

The Quicksilver mechanic has been changed dramatically. Instead of being a bar that drains (developer note: Using a Tick/Update event, naughty!), the player can now press the key once and the bar will now take effect and be in use for 5 seconds* before stopping and being used. Because of this, the damage system for this needs to be updated.

In addition, the save and load buttons in the Pause menu and Main Menu respectively are now functional! You can make progress in any level and have your stats and  location saved (weapon inventory not saved at this time, later update). 

New enemy: Spider!

Non-confrontational, yet

Side note: I highly recommend using the app to download and update the game, the files are very large and using the app saves the headache of redownloading the files and copy/pasting.


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Version 14 Feb 21, 2018

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