Moving to Alpha!

Hello Everyone!

As you no doubt notice, the latest build is no longer free. I have moved up my development phase from Pre-Alpha to Alpha. What this means for you is that if you're interested in continued development then $5 is all you need to get new features and test for bugs. If you more into trying before buying, then you can still enjoy the previous build of the game for both macOS and Windows. 

New features/changes:

  • New Map added! (available in Level Select menu)
  • Added points system per enemy kill (high scoring tables anyone?)
  • Changed weapon range for Pistol and SMG

Current bugs:

  • Grenades don't destroy after a certain period of time and may continue exploding


Project-Phoenix (Alpha) 778 MB
Version 14 2 days ago
Project-Phoenix (Alpha) 778 MB
Version 1 35 days ago

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